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January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020
We have been a key player in the Indian water filter industry. We are a leading company engaged into manufacturing and service of world-class water purification machines.

Earn 3000-4000K Through Water ATM- Water Selling Business

Earn 3000-4000K Through Water ATM- Water Selling Business

What is the investment for water atm?

Before purchasing any water vending machine (water atm) You should keep in mind these things,I have a few suggestions which will help you in making effective planning for urban and rural areas.

  • For Urban Areas: It is advised that one should preferably install Water ATM where a footfall is big or averagely high. Further please survey the area to have some idea as to how many people are moving daily. This will help you in deciding which capacity machine to opt for. Movement of the people is really big then go for 250 lph water atm otherwise one can opt for 100 lph water atm
  • For Rural Area: If you are planning to install for a rural area then you should go for a water atm community machine and it’s all features the same as the water atm machine. It has a 1000 liter capacity.
  • What is the population of that area?: The population also matters in this case, If you know the no. of the population in that area then you can decide how much capacity of water atm you should buy.
  • Average Sale: The main point or you can say this the most important point of this business that is your earning. Read mathematics form of earning Of Water ATM Business ROI model.

I hope this artcile will help you to give a clear image in your mind about how to start water selling business and earn Rs.3000-4000 per day.

Why Everyone Need a RO System

Why Everyone Need a RO System
November 5, 2019:

  • Many people use a water purification system to protect themselves from germs and viruses that cause water borne diseases like Diarrhoea, Typhoid, Cholera etc. This purification method has been practiced for many years now. Initially it was intended for industrial purpose, but after seeing the effectiveness of the system in purifying water, it was then adopted for home use. Now the main question that comes into the mind is that if all these diseases can be prevented by using normal UV UF water purifier, then why anyone need RO system instead of a UV UF water purifier?
  • First, lets understand what exactly RO or Reverse Osmosis actually does. It makes use of semi-permeable membrane and a pressurized mechanism to filter out contaminants and debris out of water, allowing only clean water to pass through the membrane. RO systems have one of the best filtration systems. The membrane has very tiny pores up to 0.0005 microns which allow only water molecules to pass through. Water has one of the smallest molecules and most contaminants have larger molecules than water molecules. This means that only water will be allowed to pass through while other substances will be effectively trapped by the RO membrane. The RO membrane is specifically designed in a way that even water can only pass through under extreme pressure. Without this pressure, water molecules would not be able to penetrate effectively and move over to the other side.
  • Many RO systems are also equipped with UV technology to give complete protection from the impurities. The UV rays kill all the harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water.
  • But there are some very essential minerals present in water which our body requires, during the RO process, they are also filtered from water. To retain those natural minerals in water, many RO water purifiers use TDS controller technology that again adds all those minerals back into the purified water.
  • All RO systems have few pre-filters to removes the suspended particles and chemicals to improve the life of RO membrane. It includes activated carbon filter to remove chlorine from water because chlorine can cause harm to RO membrane, and may shorten the life of the semipermeable membrane which is a critical part of the RO process.
  • Reverse Osmosis system is inexpensive and easy to install. Those who buy bottled water will realize that it is far much cheaper to make one-time purchase to buy a RO system rather than constantly buying bottled water on daily basis. By the time you have calculated the amount of money which you have spent on bottled water for a year, you will realize that it’s cheaper to buy a RO system and get clean and filtered water of much better quality at any time of the day. Moreover, it prevents you from adding more waste to the environment.
  • RO systems filter water more efficiently than any other filtration system. It has been found that the top-quality RO systems remove 99% of debris from all types of water. Other filtration systems are not this effective as RO method.
  • There are so many reasons as to why everyone needs a RO system. They are highly effective when it comes to purifying the water and making it safe and pure for drinking and any other use. If you are looking for a water purifier which can give you complete peace of mind by removing all the harmful contaminants from water, then installing a RO water purifier system is the best step you can make.
  • There are many reasons why so many households prefer a RO system than other types of water purification methods. They are effective when it comes to purifying water and making it 100% safe for drinking. If you are looking to get a good water filtration system for your family, the reverse osmosis system is surely the ideal way to go.
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What is the uses of A Water ATM Machine

What is the uses of A Water ATM Machine
  • Water ATM is a user-friendly machine that dispenses pure &safe drinking water. This machine can be installed at any place. Although it is a new concept, it’s becoming quite popular among the common people.
  • Its popularity can be attributed to the low cost of the water which is being made available to the general public.
  • Its affordable cost has been one of the reasons for its success.
  • Its use has substantially reduced dependency on plastic bottle use.
  • The drinking water can be obtained from water ATM can be drawn by the use of coin and smart card. The machine has the features to dispense both cold and normal water.
  • Its utility is quite big.
The uses
  • Uses of water ATM will overall impact the general health of peoples all over the country. Our company has mega plans to put water ATM machines in every village in every state.
  • The Machines will be installed with the help of Gram Panchayats and another medium.
  • The Pure and Safe drinking water at these villages will be available at Rs 1/- per liter.

Indians Have the Worst Access to Safe Drinking Water in the World

Indians Have the Worst Access to Safe Drinking Water in the World
December 9, 2018:
  • India has the highest number of people in the world without access to safe water, a report released to mark World Water Day showed Tuesday.
  • The country has 75.8 million people, at least 5% of its 1.25 billion population, without access to clean water, the report by WaterAid, a water and sanitation nonprofit headquartered in London, says.
  • The majority of those people come from impoverished communities–living on around $4.31 a day–and are forced to collect dirty water from open ponds and rivers or spend most of what they earn buying water from tankers, the report says.
  • “If they have the opportunity to buy water from a tanker it can cost 1 rupee ($0.015) per liter, sometimes double if supplies are scarce,” the report, “Water: At What Cost? The State of the World’s Water 2016,” says.
  • Consequently, millions of people get insufficient or poor-quality water. In India, about 140,000 children die from diarrheal diseases each year, after using dirty water, the report says.